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Upper Echelon Products: Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser

Upper Echelon Products: Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser

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  • HIGH CAPACITY, BEAUTIFUL DESIGN - The 400ml large water tank on our aromatherapy diffuser provides you with a relaxing scent for over 13 hours! Other oil diffusers are only equipped with a 200ml tank or smaller which cannot even last a full day or night. Our flower vase decorative design comes in light wood or dark wood and is small enough to fit anywhere you choose: home, office desk, bedroom nightstand, baby's room, bathroom, and yoga studios.
  • 7 COLOR LED LIGHTS - Set the mood and lighting with your choice of 7 colors, set to carousel mode to experience a flowing rainbow of colors, or turn off all lights for total darkness. Each color has a high and low setting for added personalization. Diffusers for essential oils can help with stress, anxiety, relaxation, sleep, headaches, blocked sinuses, allergies and more.
  • AUTO SHUT OFF - The aroma diffuser and humidifier is equipped with Auto Shut Off technology where the vaporizer will shut off when it detects a low water level.
  • 4 TIMER OPTIONS, VARIABLE MIST OUTPUT - Select from 1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours or continuous timer options. Tailor the cool mist output to your preference by setting it to high (50ml/hr) or low (30ml/hr).
  • FREE CLEANING KIT - We have added a premium quality microfiber towel and cleaning brush for your convenience.
  • Essential oils can be diffused before bedtime if you have Sleep Disorders with a help of our diffuser and can promote better sleep by creating a calming atmosphere. The diffuser helps individuals relax and unwind, improving sleep quality for those with sleep disorders.
Package Dimensions:
Weight: 1.6 lbs
Length: 6.75"
Width: 6.75"
Height: 8.75"

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